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Implants : ‘The Best Solution’


An implant is a titanium ‘root’ which is surgically placed in the jawbone to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Once placed, time has to be allowed for the surrounding jawbone to grow around the implant ‘osseointegration’. Once integrated, a crown can be custom-made to fit onto the implant. This restores both cosmetic and function - enabling you, the patient to smile and eat with complete confidence.

Many patients need just a single, simple implant, whilst others may require several implants as part of a more extensive course of treatment. Others may need implants to prevent dentures moving whilst eating or talking.

Whether it’s a simple implant or a full smile makeover, the specialist surgeons at PURE DENTAL CLINIC will carefully assess your individual case, taking time to discuss your various options, explain the sequence of events and provide you with a clear, easy to understand breakdown of the fees involved.

If you feel implant treatment could benefit you, simply contact the clinic and our reception staff will be pleased to arrange your initial, no obligation consultation.