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Fuller, healthier looking skin with Dermal Fillers


Is it for me?


Dermal fillers use hyaluronic acid to restore the lost volume in our skin. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that starts to diminish as we grow older. Dermal filler treatments can help create definition and refresh your appearance, so that your skin looks much younger, fuller and smoother.

I use the Juvederm range of dermal fillers including the new Vycross products, further information can be found at



Dermal fillers are also a popular treatment option to facially sculpt and define your lips.

I have extensive training and experience of using dermal fillers and can talk you through the various procedures to help you decide what is right for you. If I feel that dermal fillers are not the right solution for you at this time, I will tell you so from the outset.


About Dermal Filler Treatment


What are dermal fillers?


Most dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the body but that starts to deplete from our late 20s onwards. By injecting dermal fillers into the skin, it is possible to restore lost volume or create definition around the naturally more hollow areas of the face, such as around the mouth and nose.


What does treatment involve?


During a comprehensive consultation, we will discuss the problems that are bothering you and identify the best treatment options. Once you decide to go ahead with the treatment, you will need to sign a consent form; we may also take some pre-treatment photos at this stage, After applying some numbing cream, we will inject the dermal filler into the middle layer of your skin in small doses using a very fine needle.


Will I be able to see the results straight away?


Yes, with dermal fillers the results are immediately apparent. Do remember though that it's common for the treated area to be slightly red, swollen or bruised for a short while after your treatment.


How long does the treatment take?


Each treatment usually takes between thirty minutes and sixty, depending on the area we are treating.


How long does the effects of dermal fillers usually last?


This varies substantially from one individual to another. Factors such as the area treated, smoking, age, degree of connection required, type of filler and volume injected all come into play here.


Are dermal fillers safe?


Dermal fillers have an excellent safety record, but should always be administered by an experienced professional. I have a lot of facial aesthetics experience and training and I am happy to answer any questions you may have about our wrinkle reduction treatments.