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Traditionally made of Gold or porcelain – or a combination of the two, crowns have developed considerably over the past 10 years. Modern crowns are now commonly made of a very special ceramic material that is both very strong and durable and extremely cosmetic.


Crowns are used on the back (molar) teeth to strengthen worn, heavily-filled or weakened teeth. They restore full chewing function and often are the restoration of choice for teeth that have been root filled.


At the front of the mouth, crowns are placed for all of the above reasons but in addition, they need to be extremely cosmetic. This is where the modern ceramic materials are so good, combining strength with exceptional aesthetic appearance.


Crowns are also used in place of cosmetic veneers when the underlying tooth is weak.


Your dentist at PURE DENTAL CLINIC will be able to discuss the advantages of crowns with you and offer guidance as to their stability in your own particular clinical situation.