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White Fillings


Commonly called ‘white’ fillings, these cosmetic fillings are actually shade matched to blend in with the colour of your own natural teeth.

In the past, nearly all fillings were made of silver amalgam - many of us still have some older ‘silver fillings’ in our mouths. They are strong and durable - but don’t look great.

White (tooth coloured) fillings are made of a composite material and are the modern, cosmetic replacement for the old, unsightly silver filling.

When you talk and smile, no one can tell you have fillings - your teeth look and feel perfect.

Your dentist at PURE DENTAL CLINIC will explain to you the procedures involved and will advise you exactly which type of cosmetic filling is best suited to your own individual case.

As always, you will be given a full written detail of the proposed treatment together with a clear easy to read breakdown of the costs.